Please read the following extracts for behaviour of shell , latticed shells and braced domes.(You may need to wait for a while for the file to be loaded )

1. Space Frame Structure(Read on 24.4.4 Stability & 24.25 Different Buckling mode i.e Member Buckling 2. Local or dimple buckling of joints or 3. Overall Bucking of whole Structure)- Look for these evidences from photos and site visit.

2. Shell Structures( Read on 29.2.4 Closed and open Shells ,29.2.7 Catasrophic Failures)

3. Steel Space Frames-Ramaswamy, Eskhout and Suresh

4. Bracing

5. Handbook of Structural Engineering – Basic Theory of Plates and Elastic Stability

6. Tubular Structures VII

7. Tubular Structures VIII

8. Tubular Structures IX

9. Tubular Structures X

10. Space Structures 4, Vol1, By G. A. R. Parke, Mr. C. M. Howard ,pg 640 , 68. Space Truss Structural Integrity

11. Space Structures 4, Vol1I

12. Space Structures 5, Vol2

13. Guidelines for the design of double layer Grids(Read section 3.6.1 Member behaviour 3.6.3 Dynamic Effects of member failure)

14. Structural Engineering in the 21 st centuary:Proceedings of 1999

15. Tensile Testing; Joseph R. Davies, see refer to chapter 12 for Component Testing

16 Forensic Structural Engineering Handbook-Chap 6. Engineering Investigation of Failures

17. Beyond failure: Forensic Case Studies for Civil Engineers- Norbert J Delatte; Chap. 6 Steel Structures

18. Structural Integrity Analysis

19. Structural Integrity

20. Structural Stability ZP Bazant

21. Indian River Report


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